Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why I Don't Drink Coffee Immediately Before Events Anymore

A few hours ago, I met an author whose work I've loved since 2005.  For all of you counting, that's eight years of devotion, where I've transformed from unfocused poetry neophyte to a person obsessed with ghazals.  I love finding books and authors that stay with you during all of your (and their) iterations.  Their work becomes more than bound pages with text, it becomes a reassuring presence on your bookshelf, one you can easily return to whenever you need it. 

A few days ago, I learned that this author would be stopping by to sign stock.  I made sure to bring in my well-worn copy of this author's second book and picked up a cup of coffee before cheerily showing up to work. 

You may be wondering why I haven't revealed the author's name.  It's because I ultra-fangirled, and if he ever reads this, I might die. I had just imbibed half of a medium-sized coffee and was, to put it mildly, extremely caffeinated.  On a bad day I'm fairly energetic, but when I've injected all that caffeine into my system? My natural excitement over meeting this author, combined with caffeine, left me feeling like this could possibly be THE BEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE and EVERYONE NEEDED TO KNOW THIS and I was REALLY HAPPY TO MEET AUTHOR X. I was a hurricane, plucking his books from the shelf and having the author sign them while maintaining a slightly nervous conversation about how much I've loved the author's work.  The entire time, I couldn't think--what do you say to someone whose work you've loved for years, in such a short amount of time?  What words could you string together that would affect them as much as they affected you?

To this author's credit, he was so friendly and accommodating, and put me at ease in the middle of my full-fledged, caffeinated fangirl moment.  My adoration for his work continues, especially when coupled with his genuine friendliness and the fact he stayed right where he was and didn't back away slowly.  

Guys, Ann Leary will be here tonight, and Peter Hook will be here tomorrow.  I may have had my fan moment this morning, but several of you might be having your moment tonight or tomorrow.  You'll be in line, holding your book while nervously wondering what you might say or do, or how to even stand in front of someone whose work you've genuinely loved for years, decades even.  I know how you feel, and will give you one piece of advice before entering the signing line:

Lay off the coffee, you'll be great. 

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