Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Insert Nautical Metaphor Here

Up at the register this morning, I witnessed the following exchange near the vestibule that leads to the stairs to the UBC:

Customer #1: They buyin' today?
Customer #2: (Wizened nod) A few.

followed immediately by this one:

Customer#3: Do you think I should check downstairs?
Me: (Mystically) Yeah, I'd check.  You never know what is down there.

The UBC. They're fishers of books.  They have their tackle box ready for books. They're netting tomes in a vast sea of publications.  They're putting worms on hooks and reeling them in (okay, that part isn't accurate at all, there are few if any worms involved in the used book buying process and mainly involves customers coming in Wednesday-Saturday from 10-4 with bags or boxes of books). I'm done with these poorly constructed nautical metaphors.  Catch my drift?

By the way, John Boyne is going to be here on Sunday at 2 for his new book, The House of Special Purpose.  I've read it, loved it, and there aren't any nautical references that I can think of, so let that cleanse your palate.

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