Friday, April 5, 2013

Not-so Rural Juror

Often when I'm selling (or buying) a stack of delicious books I quip that I wish I could sell time to read the books as well. But last week I got a very real dose Official Time to Read: jury duty on my day off (GLAD TO DO MY PART AMERICA)!

The morning of said jury duty I was only about 30 pages in to what was swiftly becoming my favorite book of all time; Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon, Jorge Amado's novel that is all at once a Cinderella story, a gossiply fable about cocoa-rich city in Brazil and a sex-and-food-infused-pleasure-spike to my end-of-winter doldrums.

And when I got jury duty (on my day off might I remind you) in CHELSEA (I live in Allston and do not own a car) I had a government sanctioned block of at least two hours with nothing to do but read. And when I arrived at the courthouse, I got 5 more hours to read before being discharged of my civic duties and by the end of my weekend I had finished all 425 pages of the novel. It was great, it was amazing, everyone should read it every day of their lives. And if you like to read, I hope you get jury duty sometime soon as I wholeheartedly endorse the amount of time you will get to read undisturbed in a room.

P. S. We have a used copy of Gabriela in now RUN DON'T WALK.

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