Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PSA: Linda Ronstadt Edition

Mark just popped in to tell me that Simple Dreams by Linda Ronstadt is our top seller this week, which may blow your minds as the book isn't even out yet.  We've been taking preorders all week, filling out author signing request forms and taking people's addresses.  We've fielded calls, processed Internet orders, all of that good stuff so that people everywhere can get signed copies or tickets to her event.  Everyone on staff under the age of 40 has seen the video below and should know how to pronounce Tucson (TOO-sahn) so I know we're ready.

I'll stop dancing and tell you the point of this post: we can get books signed for you.  When you see an author on our event calendar and can't make the event, pre-order it by phone, Internet, or in person and we can get it signed for you.  Are you in California? No problem.  We'll ship it.  Are you in Turkey?  No problem.  We'll ship it.  Let us know and we'll get it done, however many copies you want.

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