Monday, August 19, 2013

Why the history section was lined with strollers

No, the kids' section hasn't completely taken over the store. It just seemed that way this Saturday, when a line of strollers stretched halfway down Aisle 3. Twenty, count 'em, twenty people gathered at 10:30, all to hear The Circus Ship, Mustache Baby, and Llama Llama and the Bully Goat read in Clarissa's dulcet tones.

Our recently revived Children's Storytime is different every time, but it's growing! We've had small crowds and large crowds like yesterday, very young crowds and savvier crowds of kindergarteners and first graders. The whole thing is super-informal; though we pick out the books ahead of time, we let the audience influence our delivery. (If you hear us call it a "story hour," don't take that second word literally.) Kids of all ages are welcome, babies and toddlers included, as long as their grownups are on hand. We read new books; we read favorites; we read good stuff, we think.

To reiterate the vital stats, Children's Storytime takes place at 10:30 on the third Saturday and last Sunday of every month; upcoming dates include this Sunday, 8/25; Saturday, 9/21; and Sunday, 9/29.  It takes place right in our kids' section; you'll know it's happening if we've dragged out the giant striped rug (thanks to many booksellers for their help schlepping that thing). No need to sign up; just show up!

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