Friday, August 2, 2013

Thirty-Two-Hour-Long Read

So the last part, the missing piece as regards getting ready for my trip and books is what to bring with me! I've got a 16 hour flight (both ways) and various train rides during the trip during which I will think to myself "I really should read right now," but be too nervous-excited to do so. As travel lit guru Jodie said after her recent return from a trip, "You always think you'll read more than you actually do." Too true, and I have many trips' experience with which to back this notion up. BUT GUYS THIS TIME I'M REALLY GOING TO READ A LOT.

Because I've found the perfect book.

  • It's 3 books in 1, ergo a great length.
  • It's Scandinavian (I won't need to read about Japan while I'm there, right?)
  • According, again to Jodie, it's a fairy easy read with romance and history (perfect for a vacation, right?)
What could this perfect mystery book be the photo of which you saw as soon as you loaded the blog post? Sigrid Undset's mega-Norwegian-medieval epic Kristin Lavransdatter

I don't have the mega cool 3-volume edition Jodie snagged from the Used Book Cellar, but I have the new translation from Penguin all in a tidy volume, so my unbridled optimism tells me that this is the trip that I finally finish this book I've been meaning to read for years. 

As I learned with my last airplane trip in which I started Cloud Atlas, and promptly finished on the T-ride, the trick to reading a lot of a book on a trip is perhaps to start before you go, so you can carry that momentum over lands and oceans. So I've read through ALL my to-read pile and am currently on the last book before Kristin, so I'll have a good head start before I leave and will for surely finish it finally just as I descend back into Logan at the end of the month. Right? 

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