Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Booksellers in Autumn

For the past two weeks, every flavored beverage that has touched my lips has pumpkin in it.  Pumpkin beers, pumpkin latte, and I have a honey and cinnamon sugar set-up at home for rimmed glasses.  I've unpacked my cardigan collection, am sighing over maroon-colored everything, and am already pressuring people to go leaf-gazing with me (I'm from Arizona guys, I have to be like this to fill the non-Boston-native quota).

We had a staff meeting the other night, where a few publisher sales representatives came in to tell us about fall books.  In addition to getting pizza from OTTO (my love of their mashed potato bacon pizza is legendary), we were treated to a night of drinks (thank you Dana!) and books.  After oohing and aahing over titles, and numerous interjections from me (there are a lot of fantastic authors coming in for events, not to brag or anything), we walked away very well-educated about fall books.  We got to pick out the books we wanted and had a raffle for a few more titles, and also fought and smack-talked other booksellers in an attempt to trade for a book we really wanted. 

1. Best American Guide to Infographics 2013, by Gareth Cook: Design! He's also coming here for an event 10/15
2. Co-Mix: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps, by Art Spiegelman: This book is a. gorgeous and b. mine, not yours.
3. Boxers/Saints, by Gene Luen Yang: I first read this as an egalley, was alternately ecstatic for the opportunity to read it/devastated I didn't first read it as a hard copy, and then became really happy when I snagged (a.k.a. made sad faces at Natasha) it for myself. 
4. Balaboosta, by Einat Admony: Look at it.  Just look at it. If I have to explain any further, you are bad at cookbooks.
5. Provence, 1970, by Luke Barr: M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard and more in one area, talking food and meeting at really seminal and important times in their lives.  Gossip, the ability to make the joke about too many cooks in the kitchen, you get the idea.
6. Allegiant, by Veronica Roth: There weren't any actual copies of this book at the store, but when our HarperCollins rep Anne said the title, about ten of us leaned forward and held our breaths.  If there was a galley--oh, the blood!
7. Falling Upwards, by Richard Holmes: Hot air balloons.  Hot. Air. Balloons.

We already knew too much about books, and now we know even more.  Come on in, we're ready for the holiday onslaught.

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