Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Week

The past few weeks have jammed themselves together in my mind and I am unable to separate them.  Yes, they come one after the other, but each can be a self-contained unit filled with activities and details that say too much about you. So, for lack of a better topic, my week:

Seven days ago, I got a pumpkin latte from Peet's.  As per my last post, I am consuming everything pumpkin until it runs out or I've stockpiled pumpkins and have (improbably) learned to make things with them.

Six days ago, we hosted Linda Ronstadt at the Coolidge.  She amazes me--she's such a performer, willing to put herself out there and be genuine and lovely while still pushing herself for her fans.

Five days ago, I was at a party and ended up talking about books with other book people, surprising no one.

Four days ago, I had a day off.  Unable to completely extract myself from books, I ended up re-reading Franny and Zooey. 

Three days ago, I bought a rocking chair to complete my reading nook.  I believe rocking chairs are most comfortable when your legs are draped over the side and you can rock back and forth by shifting your weight, and this chair is perfect.

Two days ago I met Nicholson Baker, an author whose work I am obsessed with.  I made sure that I didn't have coffee earlier that day, attempted to be as calm as possible, and only let out my full energy on the podium, during my introduction, when I somehow ad-libbed that I was having a 'hyperventilation moment.' I tried so hard to play it cool and failed in the most epic manner, but I have no regrets.  There are infinitely worse things than a bookseller rabidly obsessed with your work.

Yesterday Jodie left the Booksmith for good.  Now our former travel buyer, she is one of the most genuine people I know and I'm doing my best not to think about the fact she is gone, because I think I might cry.  I really adore my previous co-workers, and while I am so proud of them for getting amazing jobs, having babies, moving across the country, etc., I can't help but be sad that they're gone.

Today I went with a few booksellers to New England Comics in Coolidge Corner.  Only one of us went in with the intent to purchase, but we all left with something in our hands.  Afterwards, we sat quietly while devouring the comics we purchased, which felt just right.

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