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This Week in Events - July 22-27

This week in Events

Tuesday, July 22 at 7pm
Lesley and David Solmonson
The husband-and-wife team behind visit with their informative and passionate new book.  They show you how to create a versatile home bar with only twelve bottles: seven hard liquors, one liqueur, two vermouths, and two bitters, which can make over 200 delicious cocktails. This event is co-sponsored by El Dorado Rum, and there will be drinks at the event! 
Wednesday, July 23 at 7pm
Celeste Ng and Jennifer de Leon
    Unquestionably Marilyn and James Lee’s favorite child, Lydia is meant to be the embodiment of her parents’ dreams—popular at school and a future career as a doctor, not a homemaker. When her dead, waterlogged body is found at the local lake, the Lee family falls apart. James, consumed by guilt, Marilyn, bent on revenge, Nathan, certain neighborhood bad boy Jack is involved, and Hannah, the youngest, who realizes things the others do not. As loss and grief intertwine, dragging the family down, Ng writes with a merciless beauty, portraying humanity at its most vulnerable. Here's a review from The Boston Globe. 
    In Wise Latinas: Writers on Higher Education, Jennifer de Leon has put together an anthology of essays representing the Latina experience in academia. The essays range from dealing with traditional cultural expectations, to navigating the gap between American and Latina cultures, to embracing the change that college inevitably invokes. de Leon provides a platform for Latina writers to share their personal experiences in this rich collection. Here's a great review from Kirkus
Thursday, July 24 at 7pm
Edan Lepucki and Joanna Rakoff
    Dan Chaon calls Edan Lepucki’s California “a wholly original take on the postapocalypse genre,” and he is so, so right. Cal and Frida, living in a shack in the wilderness after the apocalypse has wiped away the only world they have ever known, survive by seeking solace through the other. Their life—hard but their own—is turned upside down when Frida discovers she is pregnant. Unsure of their ability to raise a child in the wilderness, the couple seek out the nearest settlement, finding themselves in a guarded and paranoid community—one that provides ostensible security but has dangers of its own. Does this book sound familiar? Stephen Colbert has taken this book under his wing, and it's the current pick for Reblog Book Club, Tumblr's official book club. 
    In Joanna Rakoff’s My Salinger Year, she recounts the year she spent as an assistant at J.D. Salinger’s literary agency, contemplating her dreams to become a poet. In this love letter to books, youth, and New York, she writes of romance and realism, of learning how to come into her own as well as figuring out who she wants to be and navigating the world on her own terms. Here's a review from the New York Times' Sunday Book Review.
Friday, July 25 at 7pm
Booksmith Staff Talent Show
Join us for our annual Booksmith Staff Talent Show where we show off our talents, literary and otherwise. Booksellers let their hair down and a fun time is had by all. 
Sunday, July 27 at 10:30am
Children's Storytime
Do you love picture books? Join us in our children’s section as our fine children’s team reads stories aloud every third Saturday and last Sunday of the month.

As always, if you would like a signed copy of a book but cannot make an event, call us at 617-566-6660 or order online and put 'signed copy' in the comments field.

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