Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Spring Reading

The tips of plants were barely budding a few weeks ago. I’m so glad it’s spring now, aren’t you?

Right before the onset of spring, I had the pleasure of rereading E.B. White’s Trumpet of the Swan. There’s nothing like reading a nature story -- that takes place in the wilds of Canada -- outdoors while surrounded by some very vocal mallards, green tipped trees, and birds singing over a pond reflecting a blue sky. And, in Brookline, where no real mountains or forests without noise pollution are readily accessible, I like to settle for Hall’s Pond – off Amory St, less than ten minutes from the Booksmith. Some people prefer cafes and books, but reading outdoors does have its merits no matter what the temperature is (yes, I admit to reading outside in 10˚ weather and thoroughly enjoying it). Anyway, I soon realized some other prominent themes in E.B. White’s classic that I had long since forgotten. The main one is that every boy needs to read The Trumpet of the Swan; or, why Louis is a great role model.

•Knows and appreciates the power of literacy
•Knows there is more to communication than verbal words alone
•Pays off his debts
•Stands up for what he believes in
•Materialism only extends to his needs
•Is a hero
•Committed to his girl, jobs, and his promises
•Has a fabulous taste in music, not to mention his own trumpeting skills
•Knows that living a sheltered, captive life is no life at all
•(and, did you know Louis used to live the Boston Public Garden -- well, okay, in the book? He’s a local!)

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