Monday, April 12, 2010

Used Books Are Super Awesome

As the UBC dives headfirst into our peak season, it is imperative for us to once again send out an a.p.b. on your used books! There's only once way we'll be wheelin' and dealin' previously read literature this summer. We can only sell what we buy back from you, our beloved custos (that's street slang for customers). So here's a quick run down of the buyback procedure.

Most assume the process of bringing in used books is an arduous task. This can be true if you loath moderately heavy lifting, stairs, basements, cold hard cash (note: if over $50, a check), remember what arduous means, or all the above. Really, the process is quite easy. The first thing you should do is get whatever you'd like to sell together and begin to weed out the stuff we do not buy back. Items that have cracked spines, underlining, highlighting, or water damage should be removed and recycled. Other items such as textbooks, audio books, travel guides, magazines, and computer program manuals, should also be removed and donated to either a charity or to a local thrift store. We tend to buy mostly paperbacks so if you have a lot of hardcovers, be warned that we can be very selective. Your best best with hardcover books is to speak with us directly by calling or sending us anemail.

Now that you have everything together, the rest is as easy as 1,2,3. Or in our case, 10 to 4, Wednesday thru Saturday. No need to make an appointment. Simply stop by during the buying hours and we'll be more than happy to check out your loot.

Once we've gone through your books and picked out the ones we can use, we'll add up all of the original list prices and give you either 15% of the list price in cash, or 20% in store credit. The store credit can be used for anything in the store and even better, the darn things don't expire. Ever. ... Yes, exactly like the Terminator.

So if you have your eye on a handful of our super awesome collection of spring releases, why not earn some scratch by selling us your unwanted super awesome books? Its a win-win! Simply bring em on in, Wednesday thru Saturday, 10-4pm.

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