Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I smell goodness approaching :-d

Happy Official First Day of Fall!

Leaves are just beginning to turn yellow. I can hear the wind is passing through. Even the thermometer agrees that it is time for apartments to stop feeling like ovens and welcome in the seasonal tastes of autumn. Not to mention that fall is the best time for baking because there are so many delicious vegetables ripening just above the ground. But, I'm not here to comment on baking -- though I do a lot of it (while listening to audio books usually...) -- maybe some other time.

What if you didn't know about fall? Would you think your favorite tree was sick and not getting better? Would you be so brave as to tie the leaves back on to the tree and stop other woodland creatures from taking its precious leaves away?

Meet Fletcher, who is the fox I speak of. The best autumn book out there, no doubt, is Fletcher and the Falling Leaves written by Julia Rawlinson and vibrantly illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke. This year, it turns four. Every time I pick it up I feel the curious essence of fall and the surprises awaiting, especially when winter comes (Look on the last page spread. You are in for a lovely sight!).

If you already familiar with this book, be prepared. Booksmith is getting a new Fletcher title: Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas. This fun-Christmas book is nearing the top of my list for best holiday books of the year. But more on that later when we get closer to the holidays.

Happy Fall!

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