Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Overheard in the aisles

The bookstore, like anywhere, can be a funny place. We're often treated to snippets of conversation as customers pass by or as we pass by people in the aisles. I particularly love this found sound. Sometimes the out of context sentence can be most entertaining. Or bittersweet. Or just downright weird. I thought I'd share a few actual overheard statements from my recent travels around the store:

Woman: "...with his cat, Sir Paul McCartney."
Man: "Oh my god, ew."

Woman: "She swears she got it from drinking too much soda."
Man: "Wow, I've heard that can happen."

"Mommy, what are these eyeballs for?"

Man on phone: "I'm sorry, but we're going with another candidate. It's not personal."

Woman on phone: "Well, honey, I can't keep track of your boys anymore. I'm not even going to try. Do you want to talk to your father?"

Woman browsing remainders: "Oh my god!!! They have "Fool" in remainder!! I hated this book."

And then there's the common sight of a screaming child being led out the door: "I want a book!! I want a book!!! I don't wanna go!! I want a book!!" Which is sad for the kid but also kind of cool.

Have a great day!

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Owen said...

 I should hang out there more often and try to catch snippets like these as well. Btw, I'm from Manila, first visited Brookline Booksmith three years ago and instantly fell in love with the place. I'm back for another visit and have made the shop one of my first stops. Been going there nearly every weekend. Glad you guys are still around.