Monday, November 22, 2010

29th Holiday Season

It's Monday of Thanksgiving week. The news is mostly about the biggest travel day of the year and full body scans and pat downs. Also, buying online on Thanksgiving Day, end running Black Friday as it's come to be known in consumer/retail land, plus WalMart is open all day Thursday, too. I know some family gatherings can be a bit angst-y and some folks are way too far from home to enjoy familial warmth around a big table filled with turkey and all the trimmings. But, really, what's the deal here?? I live and work retail, but is there no such thing as a day when all commerce ceases in the interest of either a family gathering or a day of blessed solitude or something in between of your choice? I'm disturbed and discouraged by the intensity of the 24/7/365 nature of our culture. As noted in my title, I've been at this for 29 years. It's important to me that we have lots of customers buying lots of books and other goodies for their holiday giving. But it's also important to me that people reflect, commune, turn off all devices, engage in one on one interactions with other humans in the same room, eat slowly and notice/enjoy their food, take a walk, just chill out and be with others in the moment. Okay, you can watch some football but otherwise be present on your Thanksgiving Day. Slow Down, You're Movin' Too Fast, as on oldish song says. Be Here Now, which is the title of a book from a few decades back. Have a wonderful, non-commercial Thanksgiving.