Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Than Turkey

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a week from tomorrow? While looking at our Thanksgiving table -- complete with books, little turkeys, chocolates, and more -- I noticed that I've never read many Thanksgiving books. The holiday comes and goes so fast with even bigger ones coming up that they have always escaped. I must admit that holiday books, for the most part, are either great or just eh. I was surprised at a few books though.

The first, It's Thanksgiving, by Jack Prelutsky, which is a great book of poems. Whether you are a person who can't eat on Thanksgiving or has over-eaten, for watchers of football and parades, right down to the repetition of leftovers, there is a poem for everyone in this book and they were all fun to read, too.

Sarah Morton's Day, by Katie Waters, isn't actually about Thanksgiving, but the the life of a pilgrim girl. I liked it because it is relevant to Thanksgiving, but it gives other food for thought -- especially after reading books on the same Turkey event over and over. Even though we live near the same soil as pilgrims here in Massachusetts, life was sure different!

"It takes all kinds of pilgrims to make a Thanksgiving." I was glad I finally got around to reading Molly's Pilgrim, written by Barbara Cohen.  Molly is a Jewish-Russian immigrant who doesn't speak English very well. Yet, as the first Thanksgiving nears, she learns that she too is a pilgrim. Thanksgiving is more about feasting and peace-making; it is about finding religious freedom.

In regards to factual books, If You Were at the First Thanksgiving, by Anne Kamma, is a great Q&A book for kids who already know the ins and outs of Thanksgiving.  Susan Sloat's Pardon That Turkey also gives a plethora of interesting facts about this November holiday we have celebrated for hundreds of years.

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