Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kate's Holiday helpful tip o' the week!

Why so glum friend?

I'll tell you why. There's food everywhere. Good food. Your pants are not yet elastic and so you must decide what to eat, and how much. This is one of life's pains.

I think exploring our massive cookbook selection is a good way to focus intention on what you are eating. That way you won't be spending as much time as I do in the diet section of the store.

This time of year is tough...but our Christmas/Hanukkah lights are up, and we've got the heat on and some good tunes. It's kinda like a mini vacation to walk the isles. (kinda)

If things are tight this year, head down to our bargain basement...the new home for our Used, Sale and Remainder books.

Treat yourself well this week. Be extra kind to everyone who crosses your path, because you never know if they are the great pumpkin or not.

(I meant angel, yea....angel)

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