Monday, November 15, 2010

fitters for the urban

Um....check out this company, "the frantic meerkat" (yes we have these magnets and no , I'm not good at linking....lay off soldier!) Anyway, on to the weirdest coolest cheapest gifts in town...

I want, nay, NEED people to understand how dependent I am on our Card & Gift room for the affordable luxury I think of as expendable fashion. Without fail I spend a healthy chunk of my income on all my gifty needs at this store. It's easy to do, and I feel like my money is not going to some faceless megacorp that is pushing a liberal agenda sartorially, then backing right wing fundementalisms. My money is going to local artists, and funky small start-ups.
Kerri, our gift buyer doesn't use a vaguely creepy MBA formula to predict, or project the trends that people of my regional /socioeconomic and otherwise-ilk are going to want to buy, she just knows her community and what we dig. I also think she may be some type of witch, and I have it on GOOD authority that she watches all of Brookline sleep. So there's that.

I'm so proud of our card and gift room. It is the great equalizer. If you are loaded and can buy diamonds, you'll find something unique and edgy that Zales can't offer. If you're concerned that the price of Ramen is creeping up, you'll find something CHEAP and gorgeous.

Consider checking us out for your jewelry and gifty-card needs this season. There's no skinny jean requirement to work or shop here...we're cheaper, we wrap... and oh yea....our books are pretty sexy too.


The Mincing Meerkat said...

Thanks for featuring my magnet! This store looks amazing and I may have to take a trip out east just to do my Christmas shopping!

Kate Robinson said...

No problem! We LOVE your art!