Friday, June 17, 2011

Gifting from the hip

If you had read the post I just deleted, you'd be e-thanking me right now.
Something better came up just a moment ago.

A couple come to the register to purchase a gift bag and two (delicious) Taza chocolates. At the last moment, the woman switches out the chocolates for an Emergency Bowtie. I joke with her, asking if she is absolutely sure, before I finalize the sale, whether she really wants to change the dynamics of this gift so drastically. We laugh about it and she goes away with her man.

Fifteen minutes later they return, she's carrying the Emergency Bowtie and her receipt in one hand, and a keychain which is also an alcohol breath tester in the other. "I'd like to switch, if I may." I really laugh this time, and say "Oh, let's just get him chocolate. Wait, no, he's goofy, let's get him this tie, he'll appreciate the gag.............OK, let's face it, he's a drunk."

That they were the sort of folks that I could mess around with like that is enough to make my day. But then they squinted at the wall behind me and asked to see the WANTED sign, the one with the blurry security camera images of the @*#&$%$@%^$ who has stolen ridiculous amounts of jewelry from our card & gift room. They really wanted to be able to nab this fool, and it made me looooooove them.

My day was already going great, too!

Oh, my previous post was about how someone should make a website where you can put in keywords that describe a book cover, and it will find the book for you. Whatever, we don't need it, we can find anything. Today, Liz T. found a book that "was blue, with a cupcake on it." even though it turned out that the cupcake was actually a sundae.

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