Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Quick Things, I Promise to Keep It Short

Hi friends, I know it's Kate's blog day but she has plum run off to get all scholastic for a spell and I really wanted to let everyone know that we have Elna Baker's "The New York Regional Singles Halloween Dance" on remainder for the low, low sale price of $4.99 (provided you act now! Operators are standing by! Smoooooth operators, that is)

I read this book last fall and I loved it, in fact it was one of my staff recommendations at one point. It would make great light, funny summer reading and so you should come 'n' get it while it's embarrassingly cheap. Elna is a stand up comedian, author, and regular contributer to This American Life and The Moth on NPR.

2., I'm having my next driving lesson this wednesday. All readers in the Mills/Sherborn area are advised to stay in your homes and off the roads.

That'll be all.

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