Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Seuss-y Prediction?

I've played around with a few e-reader devices, and I must say they are not for me.  It was no shocker, really.  I like feeling the book and seeing how far its come and how much is left.  Plus it's weird -- weirder than I anticipated --  to read little tiny letters on a condensed page on a screen.  But I did give it a try (if you are the e-reader type please click here for a variety of titles to peruse for your little book-on-a-screen).  Reading without an e-reader is worth finding new creative ways to shelf my books on a limited budget.  And carrying them around, too.

While we are on the subject, a while ago, one of our booksellers brought this to my attention:
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

"But a Nook can't read."  So, what do you have to say about that?  Poor (B&N) Nook.

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