Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eco Baby!

That's right, we have even more toys this week -- now for the younger ones -- brought to you by Hape!

"Toys are made to make children happy.  But for Hape, a toy means much more.  Each toy we make is a combination of high-quality materials, unique design, educational ideas, fun and ecological behaviour..."  All toys are solid wood or bamboo and printed with soy inks or water based color.

Happy Hour Clock

Not only are the numbers puzzle pieces, but it is a great way to learn how to tell time.  With movable hands, seconds and minutes shown, and stating when "quarter past" is, it makes for a great learning tool. (ages 3+)

Little Drummer
It's your basic toy snare drum and a great way to introduce music and learn rhythms. (ages 1+)

So many parents claim their child is too smart for games deemed as three and up.  Try this one.  It takes more than skill, it takes balance.  All of the bamboo sticks -- square green sticks, half round blue sticks, round sticks, and triangle yellow sticks -- must be placed on the panda, but they can't fall off.  Sometimes you must place two sticks on his rocking body, but that's up to the dice.  It's a lot harder than it looks! (ages 3+)

The first person to catch and match the balls in their catcher, based on the pattern of their card, is the winner. (ages 3+)

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