Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leapin' Birthday

Josie Taylor's birthday is today, but is she 4 or 16?  She may feel like every other teenager at times, but only her and a few others share this rare birthday of February 29th. With her driver's test, an audition, scaveneger hunt, and 16th birthday initiation at the lake, it's a birthday to remember.  The unique factor in Leap Day is that the point of view shifts from various characters, inviting the reader to percieve many situations from various sides.  And often, you may be surprised about how often you misread situations or over-worry about them.  Or not.

If you haven't been swept away by author Wendy Mass, you must give her a chance -- especially female readers 10 and up.  The only complaint I have had about this author is from A Mango Shaped Space -- only because this young lady's best friend wouldn't shut up about how great it was.  I recommend Leap Day for readers twelve and up.

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