Sunday, February 19, 2012

I keep forgetting that the body remembers...

I'm realizing now how much this blog speaks to Zoe's last post, which I believe speaks to a larger shift that is happening either because of the seasonal ruminations, or perhaps a marked increase in my dairy consumption. Either way, if Zoe and I are thinking about this stuff, ya'll must be too. After all it is almost time for the rabbit, clover, Passover and Purim to make their way into the proverbial "candy aisle" of our collective third eye.

It is the season of waking up, and often times waking up means that weird tingling after you have been sitting on your foot for hours on end eating Cheetos. Such waking can be alarming and uncomfortable. It always involves the body making noise and moving and feeling stuff. Although it hasn't been a real winter, it has been a winter, and the fever of spring is a comin', especially today.

Usually before we open on Sundays I take a moment to browse and see what's new. As my interests have taken a serious about face in the direction of yoga, I found myself in our yoga & health section. What I found there was kind of amazing. I picked up Overcoming Trauma through Yoga, and realized after a bit that these authors were local, and that the institute they work for is literally down the road form this here!
Who knew this was right under our noses here in Brookline?

:Learn more about classes and services here:

Right next to that title was Ana Forrest's book Fierce Medicine.

Ana is famous for her eponymous brand of yoga which is touted for dealing head-on with internal walls and blockages that have kept the individual form realizing their true spiritual and physical capabilities. Ana herself is open about the trauma she endured in early life, and how she fashioned herself a a form of healing though her own yogic "fierce medicine". The book is radical and moving. I like the fact that she's a little more rough and tumble than the other famous yoga memes.

As the creator of Forrest Yoga , Ana T. Forrest has been transforming people’s lives throughout the world for more than thirty-five years. Her unique blend of physical practice, Eastern wisdom, and profound Native American ceremony takes her teachings literally off the mat and into daily life—to heal everything from addictive behaviors and eating disorders to chronic pain and injury. In Fierce Medicine, Forrest tells her own story of healing from the scars of abuse and physical handicaps, and reveals the proven practices that enabled her to move beyond her past into a life committed to helping others reconnect with their bodies, cultivate balance, and start living in harmony with their Spirits.

Sometimes this store is a deck of Tarot you are shuffling through the aisles you are likely to stumble into a pocket of meaningful directives; put there by some benevolent force to help guide you through this transition ino spring, that itchy overly-happy optimistic season of pastels.

(And by "benevolent" I mean bookseller.)

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