Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stay Creative

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Or, perhaps you would like something different for a time outdoors when the weather is deceptively springish? Art kits are wonderful. And, I love that most kids aren't afraid of art. If the sky is purple or the cat looks like a six-legged blue monkey, who cares! The joy is in the creation and finished product.

It is depressing, though, when somewhere along the line you “can” only create art if you are a professional artist. Seriously? Art is okay for kids but not adults? You don't have to be refined or professional to create great art. (Okay, maybe you need to be exceptional if you are a graphic artist or illustrator, but that's different). I'm talking about good old fashioned art time – a fun and creative outlet for thoughts, emotions, and energy.

I am happy to announce that we now carry the kits from Creativity for Kids. Allow me to sketch a a few highlights for the artist hiding within you:

Flower Press and Nature Cards
A perfect blend for a nature and art lover. All of the supplies are included to make greeting cards, gift tags, and bookmarks. Through use of some watercolor paints, a little flower press kit, and more, anyone would be glad to receive these creations. ($15.95, ages 6+)

Do Art Travel Easel
Welcome to the easel that houses many materials – Faber-Castell pastels, markers, chalk, a white board marker, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, a sponge, and a drawing pad. This two-sided easel can easily be set up on the floor or table and can be stored in small spaces or be tucked away in a suitcase for a trip. So whether your child loves chalkboarding, whiteboarding, or drawing, this easel just might be the right fit! ($34.95, ages 5+)

Finger Prints Finger Painting Set
This fingerprinting set is probably different from what you are used to. The finger printing – or, maybe smearing – takes place on a plastic board. When complete, a sheet of paper is placed over it and, using a roller, is transferred onto the paper. This way multiple copies can be made.

Don't worry, the 6 paints included are washable and there is an apron, so everything is ready to go. ($24.95, ages 3+)

2 Glass Bowls 4U2 Paint
Love to create, but need something useful to create it on? Me too. How about these glass bowls? Learn the technique of reverse glass painting and you will have a personal fruit, popcorn, candy, and/or chip bowl. ($24.95, ages 8+)

I love their motto: Childhood creativity lasts a lifetime!

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