Monday, March 5, 2012


Shannon O'Connor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few months ago we ran a "poetry/ prose poem" receipt contest wherein we asked that you write something on the back of a receipt to the booksmith. It took a while for them to role in, but a few did!!! Shannon O'Connor is our winner and here is what was written on the back of her receipt!!!! I'll be sending her a gift certificate and some surprises too!

Keep an eye open for more contests (April is poetry month after all!!)

Here's our winner!

A while ago, Shannon ran
out of books to read, so she
went to various used bookstores
to fill the void. The books, in
piles on the floor, decided they
liked each other, and started
procreating. Now Shannon eats
two books for an afternoon
snack with her coffee.
The books on the floor cry when
one of their sisters gets
swallowed. Shannon doesn't like
to clean, she just eats the mess.
She's getting thinner.

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