Friday, March 16, 2012

How to Have a Rockin' Dinner Party

If you're reading this blog, it most likely means that you are some sort of musical and/or culinary wizard who holds the stout belief in infusing everything around you with the power of ROCK. Sure, you can paper your walls with posters and make intricately cut city silihouette clocks out of your old records...but you know what's way cooler? Cooking with guitars. Yeah, that's right. Think it's impossible? THINK AGAIN.

 BAM. That's right, we have not one, but three types of guitar-shaped spatulas for you to use for your various culinary endeavors. For pancakes, omelettes, or musical-themed cookies, use the Flipper; whip up batter for the most metal of cakes with the Guitar Baking Spatula. Each of these food-safe silicone spatulas come in three rockin' colors: Cool Blue, Hellfire Red and Blacker than the Blackest Black Times Inifinity. Then we have the BBQ Guitar Spatula, which you can use over the fiery pits of your grill to make the most metal of steaks, hot dogs, and veggie-burgers.

While your bandmates and other rockstar buddies are waiting for you to compose your epic meal, serve them their favorite beverages with some rockin' ice cubes, shaped like guitars and music notes. Got your goth-rock friends over too? Keep their drinks dead-cold with Bone Chillers ice cubes. Or maybe you're more of a hip-hop type of person? Try some ice-cold boombox cubes for your drink. Don't forget to use your record coasters; everyone knows water stains are simply not metal.

While cooking with the power of rock, make sure you can take the heat; use these silicone record pot-holders to protect your hands from hot pots and pans. And don't think the seemingly dull task of mixing can stop the rock: no, with these Mix Stix, you can keep practicing your sweet drum solo when you're not using them for that sweet meal you're making. Making a pizza? Shred that cheese with The Shredder cheese grater, and slice it up in style with the Fresh Slice record player pizza-cutter.

Now on to dinnertime! Serve your deliciously musical meal on these record-shaped placemats; when you're not eating off them, use them to practice your DJ skills! I'm sure that you probably already have plenty of ornate knives and other brutal utensils to cut into that juicy steak (I've substituted our kids' Constructive Eating cutlery; but if you went the route of Vegan Black Metal Chef and made some metal Pad Thai, consider using a pair of Beat It! drum/chopsticks for your rockin' meal.

By now, you're probably wondering if this is all the rock-themed items we offer for your most musical of dinner parties. The answer: Never! After dinner, even the task of washing the dishes can rock when you wear the Tuff Dish dishwashing gloves, which keep your hands dry and your black nailpolish unchipped, while still making you look like a badass. Your bandmates can keep busy by playing a game of cards with the Mixed Deck retro playing card deck, while sipping some coffee (black, of course) from this brutal Fisticup brass-knuckles mug. If you or your friends brought their rockstar-in-the-making kids, keep them busy with this adorable little drum. It'll amuse them for hours AND keep them in practice for their next gig.

 If anyone had ever doubted what a culinary rockstar you are, they will doubt no longer; for you are clearly the Rockin' King or Queen of the Kitchen.
Maybe not as intense as this guy, but still.
All of our music-themed kitchenwares and other goodies can be found the Card and Gift Room's kitchenwares section, or with the gift items in Aisle 4 near our cookbooks. Come and get 'em!

Edit: Speaking of culinary genius, our event with Ree Drummond  (of Pioneer Woman fame) was a smashing success! Even after a signing line lasting nearly 3 hours, she was still awesome enough to sign quite a few of her cookbook Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier for our store. If you missed out on meeting Ms. Drummond, come on by for a signed copy before they're all gone!

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