Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Destination: Where???

You may have notice the books on our shelves traveling over the past week. We have been making some exciting changes, all to benefit our browsers. If you can't find your favorite section, we'll be happy to show you its new home.

Destination Literature has found a new--well, destination--and is now integrated with our travel guides in aisle two. We'll be bringing our wall maps upstairs and keeping everything you need to plan your next trip in one place, so the only traveling you do is the travel you planned. Think of it as a one stop shop.

So, if you're looking for a guide to Venice, you can find Rick Steve's Venice 2012 next to Joseph Brodsky's meditations on the city in his elegant travelogue Watermark.

If you're traveling to Australia we have Fodor's Australia in full color sharing a shelf with Bill Bryson's classic In a Sunburned Country and Gail Jones' new novel Five Bells.

Going to London? You can pick up Emerson's English Traits, Craig Taylor's new Londoners, and Fodor's 25 Best London, and a Streetwise London map all in one trip!

We love to hear where you're going and to help you find the books that will guide you there. Last weekend a customer traveling to Thailand to visit her grandchildren stopped by to pick up a Thai phrasebook. "I'm going to visit friends in Nebraska before Thailand," she told me, wondering what could prepare her for the open skies and home-baked culture of the Midwest. She left the store well prepared for foreign lands, with Lonely Planet's Thai Phrasebook and Willa Cather's My Antonia tucked under arm. Let us know your travel plans and we'll help you find the literature--both practical and imaginative--you need to prepare for your next trip.

Happy Travels!

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