Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Fold a Map

We’ve all been there, in the passenger seat, in the airport, or on a crowded bus, struggling to re-fold a map. I’m constantly ducking out of customers’ way as they wheel around our travel aisle with a street map spread wide, trying to wrestle it back into its neat, compact rectangular shape. More often than not, I have to take over, or I risk finding the map stuffed back onto the shelf, inside out, dog-earred, or re-creased in ways it was never meant to be. That’s why I was thrilled when we decided to carry Crumpled City Maps.
These maps are, as they sound, crumpled. There are no creases, no one right way to fold them. They are
meant to be wadded up, smashed, and thrown into a backpack, crammed into a pocket, or carried in the little pouch provided. Crumpled City Maps are made of soft, light weight paper, and at only 20 grams, they won’t weigh you down.
In addition to their travel-ease, Crumple City Maps are simple to use with clearly printed street names, an index of important places, and specially featured “soul sites,” such as the “Victorian Walk” in London and the “temple of the spirit” in Tokyo.
The instructions are easy: 1. Stop into Brookline Booksmith’s Globe Corner Travel Annex. 2. Buy the Crumpled City map to your destination. 3. Crumple 4. Toss it in your pack 5. Go travel the world!

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