Friday, October 12, 2012

Unlikely Pairs

rad pic by ubc guru carl
New things in the UBC this week! A grip of books, vintage and new that you must get your mitts on: Game of Thrones themed erotica! Agatha Christie paperbacks from the 60s! Essays by Robert Anasi!

And a pretty Halloween-themed window up front courtesy of your fearless author.

A propos of the patterns I mentioned in last week's post, it's easy to see patterns in the names of authors who come across the UBC desk. How different can two authors who share the same last name be?

Lee Child and Julia Child

Ted Hughes and Langston Hughes

Mary McCarthy and Cormac McCarthy

Flann O'Brien and Tim O'Brien

Gertrude Stein and Garth Stein

Pagan Kennedy and John F. Kennedy

Zoe Heller and Joseph Heller

Gillian Flynn and Vince Flynn

Jim Davis and Lydia Davis

Jim Morrison and Toni Morrison

Tony Kushner and Harold Kushner

Gary Larson and Erik Larson

More importantly, who would win in a fight between these pairs? We've got books by all of 'em and more in the UBC! Collect 'em all.

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