Monday, October 22, 2012

New section alert!

Young adult books are awesome. We know this. Whether you like your stories close to home or from a whole 'nother world, there's something for you in the YA section (and that's as true for young-at-heart adults as it is for actual "young adults"). But by the time you hit middle school or high school, you may also be interested in checking out books written for a mainstream adult audience. There are great choices all over the  store, but what kind of booksellers would we be if we just said, "Adult books are that way" and pointed?

That's why we've created a new section of great adult reads for teens, gift-wrapped just for you. (Yes, the shelves are actually gift-wrapped to make them easier to find. No, it is not easy to gift-wrap a bookshelf.) The suggestions we've placed there are books we loved ourselves as teens, books that local schools have recommended for teens' summer reading, or in many cases, winners of the Alex Awards. Yes, the American Library Association has an award dedicated to books that make great adult-to-teen crossovers. Why should  adults who love The Hunger Games have all the crossover fun?

So what's actually in this crazy new section of ours? Classics. Science fiction. Historical fiction. Graphica. Fantasy. Realistic fiction. Lots of other things, most of which fit more than one category.

Come argue with our choices. Come make more suggestions. Come look at our ideas and be inspired to check out other sections.

Just please, please don't tear the wrapping paper.

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