Monday, March 4, 2013

Begone, blahs!

I sat in Mr. Bumblebottom's endless trig class, trying to pop my gum without letting him see. I would've stared out the window, but outside was even more depressing than inside. If there's anything more endless than trig class, more endless than the time the popular kids spend talking about the prom, it's a Boston winter. If only there was something to make me forget.

If this sounds like you, we have that something in the Young Adult section. As winter drags on and the blahs get hard to shake, we're featuring cheerful books, the kind that distract you, make you laugh, and turn sine and cosine into sunshine.

We've got realistic stories with hilarious characters who'd be your BFFs if they were lucky enough to meet you.


We've got fantasy that's heavy on the awesome use of magic in storytelling and low on the vampire bites.

We've got outlandish but technically realistic stories that probably won't happen to you... but they could.
We've got graphic novels full of cheerful, springy colors.
And of course, we've got romance - the kind with a sense of humor.
Your trig homework will wait.

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