Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In Boston for AWP?

I love visiting bookstores.  On vacations, I'll rearrange my schedule so I can visit one (used, preferably) and spend at least an hour walking the aisles, admiring displays and plucking books from the shelf that I absolutely, completely need, no matter what the luggage weight limit says.  There was a period in my life where I traveled a bit too much, to the point where I would have already scoped out what used bookstores were in town, bring my books to sell during vacation, and then pop back out with enough books to make up for the ones I had just sold.

Right now, we're readying ourselves for the wave of people attending AWP, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference.  In just one day (Winter Storm Saturn, I refuse to let you get in the way), Boston will be filled to the gills with writers and literary types, more so than usual.  If you're here and you're visiting, you should hop on the green line and visit. You'll probably be near the Hynes Convention Center stop, so take the C outbound to Cleveland Circle.  We're right at Coolidge Corner and so easy to find.  If it takes you more than 10 minutes, you're either lost or the T is running late.  I will not say it is probably the latter.  Noooo.

Step off the train, wander cautiously to your right, and soon you'll see our lovely doors: 

Once you step in, you'll see this to your left (remember it for later)! 

You'll see new hardcovers, our bestsellers, bargain books, and more.

Prepare to spend some quality time in our card and gift room.

You'll also see ladders!

Our used books are downstairs (remember that sign earlier?)

And as always--check out our author events (and this window)!

We're super excited to see all of you--visit, say hi, and find some books that will put you over your baggage restrictions. 

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jenniferannmann.JAM said...

Great Post! I love the hazy blue hovering over the stairs leading to the used books! I'm always in Booksmith (I live in Boston), but if I didn't, this post would definitely lure me in!