Friday, March 29, 2013

Bookshelves of Character(s)

I gathered used books you would find on the shelves of beloved fictional characters.

We have quite a spread in the UBC, so it wasn't too tricky! See for yourself!

Gabriela's bookshelf would have tasty cookbooks (not that she needs help in that department), stories about carnivals which she loves, and a magical realist romp with voodoo to remind her of her friends.

Jane's bookshelf would be utilitarian but fanciful: travel stories, books to brush up on her French, drawing and teaching techniques.

For the time traveller in all of us: guilty pleasure mysteries from the 20s, a Pamuk novel to remember one's travels to Constantinople, the new Mantel to hearken back to the days of Cromwell (in which she was totally alive) and some Alexander Pope. Original first edition, probably signed.

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