Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gotta Love Cosby!

This past week I stumbled over an interview with Bill Cosby on the Today Show. There were a lot of points of conversation in this video, but what I found interesting was Cosby's words of wisdom on reading. Cosby has always been a wonderful advocate on reading and for kids being kids, but his words will never grow old. Check it out.

But first, an old clip [btw, just substitute "Western Michigan" for "Boston"]:

Anyways, on the Today Show, the interview went from his death rumors to kids today. With so much technology in the world and overwhelming situations, what's a parent to to do? According to Cosby, "You say, look, you need to put this [the game] down for a little while. They'll be plenty of time for that. This is a thing that is called a book and we're going to read the book. Because, I've found that children given the opportunity to be taught correct behavior -- good behavior -- and an education love reading books. They LOVE it!"

All in all, kids who read feel wonderful about themselves. And, reading does not make victims, rather, it creates winners.

Today Show clip:

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