Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The new Clementine book is here! For those of you not familiar with this curly-orange-haired third grader, just picture Ramona Quimby with ADHD!

Clementine is the kind of kid who has a talent for trouble. She is constantly being told to pay attention, but who can with so many new ideas and interesting things everywhere? She never means to cause uproars, she just finds herself in the midst of them. And, in this new book, she definitely has her share of dilemas. But, she learns that people see past her antics and can see her for who she really is.

Clementine is one character who is on my must read list for every kid (and adult). Typically though, I don’t just-simply recommend my favorites. Why? Because as great as a particular novel may be, it may not fit what the child needs or wants to experience.

That’s why, when I am handselling, I ask about the person the book(s) is for (What do they like? Not like? What books have previously interested them?). To me, it’s not a book to sell. It’s the book, because I want my customers to walk away with the right book for its recipient. Evan was right, our business is people, not just books.

So, why should Clementine make her way to everyone’s reading list? She holds a universal truth… No one is perfect. It’s what you do with your antics, talents, and mistakes that matter.

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