Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moving Day. Again.

Like most of Allston, Brighton and Brookline, I am moving Sept 1st. This will officially be my 22nd move in my 28 years of life. I think this is pretty common for my generation of misplaced- roaming- nomadic- Gypsy -perpetually-adolesce-ed peers. It's one of our strengths.
I have spent the last few weeks performing a fierce moral inventory of all the things I own. I donated 6 bags of clothing to Rosie's place, because at any time you can find three different sized wardrobes in my closet. I gave my niece and nephews a box of trinketty stuff I once thought was ironic or kitschy.
Then I got to my books. Hundreds.
I am selling a lot of them back to the Used Book Cellar. I am donating some, and keeping the ones that would cause me great trauma to part with. Deciding what that means is the difficult thing. Books aren't just things you read, they are little artifacts that decorate and warm your life. They are loaded guns on your shelf waiting to trigger a series of memories. They are trophies, and guide books, and proof of a life spent in thought, and seeing, and appreciation for ideas--- and the world around you.
Yet- I need to make room for new books, new ideas. I need to send some of my babies to other homes that can give them more attention than I can give them.
If you are moving too, feel free to come by the UBC and sell us your babies. (I mean books no angry letters please.) The buy back times are Wed- Sat 10-4pm. If you want cash, it's 15% of the list price, store credit- you get 20%.
Sigh. Back to packing.


Paul Theriault said...

Before I get to my main point, I want to say that I've been reading a fair amount of Buddhist literature lately, and the way you are describing the books from your past as trophies and loaded guns, as being capable of holding memories and unleashing feelings...well you're holding on too tight. Let them go. Trim it down to a lean collection like the one I've got now. It's maybe 7 or 8 hundred titles that are really essential.
All that aside, why do you want people to sell their babies in the UBC?

honestanimal said...

Paaaaaaaaauul... I am letting go in my most valiant Siddarthal gesturing since I shaved my bumpy head.