Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm very late to the Sporcle party.  I first heard about it at a family gathering a few weeks ago and was treated to a quiz or two.  Topics tend to be things you think you'll find easy.  Don't be so sure.  And in the way of new things, I've now stumbled upon it several times.  The most recent siting was in Shelf Awareness, a terrific book industry email newsletter, on Friday.   There was a link to a Sporcle quiz on identifying book titles by their covers.  Slam dunk, thought I.  Actually, there were two I couldn't get in the time allotted.  Sheesh.
There are other book quizzes which are great fun.  And lots of other fun stuff.  I know none of us do other than work stuff on work computers, but at home sometime, give Sporcle a try.   Or test your friends if you have one of those modern devices which connects you to the internet via a little thing you hold in your hand.  And speaking of modernity, I left my "how to link" instructions elsewhere, so must now advise you to Google Sporcle and Shelf Awareness.  Sorry.  I'll continue to work on my computer skills and memory.   Wish me luck.

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