Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On to the Next

Hard to believe another Christmas has come and gone.  It's an odd time of year here in a bookstore.  New titles of the year are barely budding among the collaged shelves of classics and yesterday's reads.  Holiday shopping has dwindled down.  Restocking the shelves won't feel like a running a marathon for a while.  Usually were so focused on what's up and coming that it's nice to relax back into the old favorites for the time being.  This week, I finally had time to leisurely read my favorite holiday picturebooks.  I think I melted into the couch and lost myself between the pages; it was a great experience.  Excuse the cliche, but it was like spending time with old friends, as you loose yourself in a memory that's right in front of you.  And, for a moment, all is good and peaceful.

I hope that you will revisit old favorites, while the snow is thick outside, as well.

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