Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rockin' around the tree and sightings of that big red guy

"So when in doubt, give a book that's just awesome."  Nicely put, Shoshana.  And, when you have no idea what book of awesomeness to choose, well, that's what we're here for.

Without further rambling, here's the awesome fun santa-ish and tree decorating books worth your while:

Gingerbread Pirates by Kristin Kladstrup
This is still my favorite holiday recommendation; I mean, his peg leg is a tooth pick!  In the wee hours of Christmas morning, Santa is not the only one awake.  There is a whole army of gingerbread pirates that Captain Cookie must save from that cannibal called Santa Claus.  But the gift Santa has for this pirate crew is certainly delicious indeed.

Olivia Helps with Christmas by Ian Falconer
Next to the original Olivia, I think this one is the best.  Even for this energetic growing pig, Christmas can be exhausting.  But it's all worth it.

My Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
To all penguin lovers, I know you are out there!  Joe has learned to be very specific in what he asks for.  So, when he gets his penguin, it's the most wonderful gift in the world, right?  Even when he wants to be outside in the snow all the time?  Fills his bath with ice cold water and "iceberg" soap?  Cold creamed herring with seaweed jam for breakfast?  From Joe to Santa: "If you feel like maybe I should have asked for a different present, and you want to swap, that would be okay."

Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas  by Julia Rawlinson NEW
If you loved Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, you should check out his new book.  Fletcher, always the helpful type, wants to make sure that Santa knows the way to the Rabbit family's new home.  He has a plan to lay down arrows made of branches.  But, it snows.  Will Santa still be able to make it on time?

Gift of the Magi by O. Henry (illustr. by P.J. Lynch)
For those of you who aren't familiar with this classic, it is a wonderful short story about a poor husband and wife who truly give from the heart.  Selling your most treasured possession can bring the most humbling gifts.  P.J. Lynch's breathtaking watercolor illustrations reflect the joy and sadness with each page turn.  This is no doubt the beautifulest illustrated edition out there.  (It is also available in a box set with two other fabulous books.)

Of course we have so much more, including classics like Nutcracker, over flowing editions of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Polar Express...  And even now I'm realizing that I didn't write about Great Joy or the The Jolly Christmas Postman.  So many choices!
Happy Holidays!

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