Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Books

Oh snow, where are you?  White beautiful fluffiness of cold!  There's so much to do in it.  Though, one thing I have never seen anyone do is build a snow castle.  Fort yes -- castle no.  All you need is some sand castle buckets and it's instant great fun!

I made this to avoid shoveling off part of the deck when we had 8 feet of snow at a time (in Alaska -- that was the year we had 200 inches total).  Okay, now on to the fun indoor stuff:

Waiting For Winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser
What does winter look like to you?  How would you know what snow looked like if you'd never seen it?  Join the animals of the forest -- a rambunctious squirrel, a sleepy hedgehog, and a gruff looking bear -- as they wait for the last leaves to fall and winter to arrive.  These illustrations are brilliantly sketched and have just enough color to send emotion and anticipation straight to the reader.  This one is a must! Ages 3-8

10 Little Penguins by Joelle Jolivet and Jean-Luc Fromental NEW
Ever since 365 Penguins became a popular request here, I find it no surprise that this new penguin book is flying off of the shelf.  10 little penguins are playing a game, but in each situation a penguin goes missing among this interactive paper pop-up.  Where have they all gone and will they ever return?  This is a great counting book and perfect for any penguin lovers.  Ages 4-8

Snow Day by Komako Sakai
Little Rabbit waits and waits and waits for it to stop snowing.  Finally, right before bed, he can go out and play in the first snow fall of the season.  This peaceful and comforting book is a great winding down winter time book.  Ages 2-5


Old Bear and His Cub by Olivier Dunrea NEW
This is a sweet story focusing on the relationship between grandfather and grandson.  The cub doesn't want to be told what to do.  After all, nothing is too rough for this young cub.  But he loves his grandfather so!  So, he will wear his scarf, eat his porridge, and not catch a cold.  But, can this little cub take care of his grandfather when he catches the sniffles? Ages 2-8

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, Mary Azarian
Snowflakes have been swirling around the earth for quite some time now.  But did you know that we did not always know what snowflakes really looked like?  Jump into a fascinating look at the intricate designs of a single snowflake as we learn of a boy's childhood and thirst for science.  Snowflake Bentley is definitely deserving of the 1999 Caldecott.

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Dava said...

When the white stuff finally hits the ground, check out "Snow Play" by Birgitta Ralston. It's a great inspiration to pull on the snow pants and get out there--for both kids and adults!