Sunday, December 12, 2010

Virtual books, from your local--- literal store... (also, is the ebook fluid? ((creepy))

This past Friday Google announced that it will be selling ebooks, and we did too. We will be selling our ebooks... ON THE INTERNETS! With Google. It's a complicated relationship, but all good pairings are. This is huge. It will mean that if you want to continue to support us, and read on your Android/ nook, ipad, sony....., you can! We are trying to keep up with you tech savvies as best we can, and we are so grateful to be able to offer virtual books, through our literal store. By buying your ebooks from us you are shopping locally and keeping your money in the community. You are saying that you like us, and that you want us around...and we want to be around! Having cool events, selling quirky cool & chic gifts, employing friendly, nerdy and attractive locals to help you find the perfect book you never knew you wanted to read.

TANGENT (short)

This may sound paranoid...but does anyone else think it is weird that once you buy an ebook, the publisher can "update" the contents? That's cool for fixing spelling errors, and addendums to introductions; but isn't it also a little 1984 spooky? The book is then fluid, changeable and not wholly yours? Wasn't it a year ago Amazon yanked 1984 from people's kindles, and refunded their money due to some copyright infringement?

Just the idea that someone could creep into you house, and pull a book from your shelf and rip some pages out, or just TAKE it (and leave the $ at the foot of your bed) is enough for me to want to continue to own the physical book.

I do dig some reading devices, especially the one's without DRM.
I'm not afraid of technology, I'm just not completely trusting of the idea of any "cloud" holding my "virtual bookshelf". Join me for another paranoid moment....

What if something happens to that cloud? Will this moment in history be looked upon as a dark age?

Keep your books, and print out your important emails. (just sayin')

Thanks for reading, however you choose to do it.

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