Friday, December 3, 2010

This is the last you'll hear from me

about Paul Murray and Skippy Dies.

Probably not actually.

Anyway, he read here tonight, and we sold a ton of his amazing book, and if you weren't there (every seat was filled, folks stood on the stairs, it made me so happy) then you missed out big time. I mean, Amy Sedaris might smell like whatever Zoe said she smells like in her last post, but young Paul Murray is the real deal in the world of storytelling, and to see this many people come out to see him, well, it makes me think that there are some surprises left in the old world.

I just had a pair o' pints with him and a few other good folks after the reading, so you'll forgive me if the foregoing seems gushy or the forthcoming seems abrupt, but

We have nothing else to say to each other until you do.

And if you have read the book and did not come out tonight, you missed him reading the chapter about the beginning of the Halloween Hop, where Skippy sees Lori in the white dress and Dennis dresses up like the Automator. And he read it beautifully, we laughed and laughed.



jasonq said...

It certainly was a great reading and Paul you were a great host! Was glad I made it and pints after together was a treat. Nice to meet ya Paul!

Rachel said...

Wish I could have been there. I just finished reading the book, was on the verge of crying over my lunch as I read the last few pages...