Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let the annual card and gift sale extravaganza...COMMENCE!

Its that time of year again. Yes THAT TIME. When I was a kid, my mom used to stalk Booksmith during the tail end of winter, lying in wait for this joyous occaision to begin. Now that I am all grown up (...physically...) I get to partake in it. All the merchandise in the card and gift room has been boxed up, and all the sale stuff is out in all its glory, including holiday items from chistmas, halloween, easter, valentines day, and probably others. Everything is fifty percent off. I myself have a set of earrings I'm going to buy tonight and I'm forcing myself not to buy any of the cute little coffee mugs because we don't need any new mugs: this is my mantra, I will say it until it feels true. I also just got a 7 minute rundown from Emily about her new Bento box lunchbox set that has been too expensive for her to treat herself to...UNTIL THIS HISTORIC DAY. She also said that if the other ones are still there when the sale goes on, well. What I'm saying is, you may want to come buy a super hippy dippy made-from-recycled-materials-without-lead-or-pvc bento box lunch bag for 50% off before Emily buys them all and starts selling them in the back alley, her hands furtively clutching wads of bills, her eyes wild with power.

Recently I haven't been blogging about what I'm reading, but I do read, I swear to you. For my class on postcolonial literature (more interesting than it sounds!) we've been reading "The Famished Road" by Ben Okri. Told through the point of veiw of an "abiku", or spirit child, this story in set in a lower class village in Nigeria. I can't quite tell when its set, but it was published in 1991 and won the Booker prize. It's a really strange mix of incredibly detailed description of the spirit worlds and specters that haunt the main character, and slightly allegorical secondary characters that influence the meandering storyline. Frankly, I probably wouldn't have finished the book if it wasn't for class; several things that happen in the plot seem to have no purpose or consequent, and the detail is wonderful and kept me interested, for about 400 pages. After that, it gets tedious. My interest waned. Next up in this class is "Say You're One Of Them" by Uwem Akpan, also known as ONE OF OPRAH'S TOP 10 BOOKS IN 2009!!! Probably reading this book with cause me to ascend to Oprah status, at which point I will hold the universe in the palm of my hand like a cosmic lotus blossom.

Yup. I just didn't know how to end this post. Cosmic lotus blossom. Kabam.

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What can I say? It's THAT awesome!