Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Name is Haiku

My first reaction when I saw Won Ton was, "oh no, not another wanna-be picturebook writer who feels like they have to rhyme every single line!"  Boy, was I wrong.  As soon as I turned a few pages I could tell this cat had character.  Immediately forgetting the haiku format, I was swept into this tale of an eager adoptable kitty. 

Won Ton tries to have a humble outlook on life, in a shelter, in a cage.  He knows the routines quite well and longs for the day when someone will take him.  Of course, as soon as he is off to his new home, it is a series of "letmeoutletme / outletmeoutletmeout. / Wait -- let me back in!"  In his new surroundings, he certainly has quite the opinion on his name and food.  He's even started to claim his territory: "Sorry about the / squishy in your shoe.  Must've / been something I ate."  (I just want to quote every line for you, dear reader!)  This author, Lee Wardlaw, knows cats and uses words to illustrate their nature beautifully.

"I explained it loud
and clear. What part of 'meow'
don't you understand?"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your many purrfect comments about Won Ton! Over the years, I've published more than two dozen books for young readers and 'owned' more than two dozen cats. So there is fur (and books!) on everything in my house. Catitude reigns!
Best fishes,
Ms. Lee Wardlaw

Emily said...

Wow! Thank you for such a reply. I'm going to have fun handselling Won Ton. Catitude reigns, indeed!