Friday, February 18, 2011

Positive Reinforcement

I'm a day late again, but since nobody posted today, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of tardiness, I shall fear no staunch reprimanding. Or. Something. I don't know its been a long friday.

If you have gone down into our used book cellar recently you may have noticed that it looks stunning, thanks to the hard work of a number of staff members who are good at lifting and moving and did not ask me to help. You guys are the salt of the earth, no joke. You may have also noticed that our lovely used book buyer, Andrea, has retired from the Booksmith team (yeah, team, I called us a team. Only because I'm trying to convince everyone to wear their Booksmith t shirts on the same day. However, no matter how many times they ask me, I refuse to play basketball with them. Running, sweating and competing? Aren't you people supposed to be 'readers'?). We miss her dearly, but it is quite exciting that Carl, (who, by the by, unfriended me on facebook because of how impossibly annoying my constant status updates are. I honestly can't blame him, but don't think I didn't notice, Carl, AHEM) the OTHER used book buyer, has ascended to the next plateau of used book buying nirvana. For you gamers, he 'leveled up', so to speak. In doing so, Carl has produced these little guys, fliers for the UBC, which are similar in fashion to the Greying Ghost Press chapbooks we also have (fo' free!) in our "fliers and free stuff" area.

I don't know, maybe I'm over reacting to how awesome I think these are, but I just adore them. I love that Carl took something he is interested in, ie makin' stuff, and applied it to the store. The font and format are so perfect, and the little part at the back for notes! Eegads! Adorable. I love all the little things around the store that the staff has added, usually based on their personal interests. There are so many, if you start to look for them you could be there all day. It makes the store personable, it makes it a fun place for us to work in, and its good for business. You could rename the entire Card and Gift Room "Stuff we're interested in that we think you'll like (as divined by our talented card and gift buyer, Kerri)". That was its original name, I hear, but the sign was too expensive to have printed. Ok fine, Card and Gift is catchier anyway.

But anyway. I just think these little pamphlets or fliers or whatever you want to call them are absolutely darling. They don't all have that big smooch mark on them, that was my fault. Sometimes I just can't help myself. Which brings me to my final picture (can you tell who just got a new digital camera for her birthday? It was this girl.)....

We buy used books! No really. We do.

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