Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lovah, read to me...

Is there anything better than being read to sleep? My lord, it is wonderful. Instead of flowers, try a book you have both been interested in, and read it together before you fall asleep. You can take turns reading aloud, or get two copies and read next to each other. There is something really intimate about sharing that private reverie. It's also kinda nice to fall asleep to your darling's slight speech impediment or tendency to over enunciate their "t's" or when they just pretend that all "h's" are silent.
(On second thought, get an audio book. I kid I keeeeed.)
In short, let us enjoy tomorrow in our own non-Hallmark way, with our non-Hallmark friends and non-pastel/ naked aviary-cherub- crossbow- wielding sigi-others. We can reclaim this mass produced forceful intrusion on our private lives, and still not be penalized for failing to acknowledging our loved ones.
We have oodles of traditional and non-traditional gifts to help celebrate your own unique affections for the poultry in your life. Including the unspeakably delicious chocolate from Taza, a huge selection of cards, (some of them normal, others hysterical, and still others just bizarre.) We also still have an amazing selection of books, and romantical poetries, and jewelry and and and andand and (EXHALE)((Okay you get the point))
This is a judgement free zone, open till nine pm on Sundays.
Happy hearts friends, happy hearts.

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