Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Freeze Your Summer

Kick your summer off with popsicles.  Or better yet, make your own!  People's Pops is the perfect place to start.  Once upon a time three friends got together to create a better ice pop.  Long story short, that idea led to a popsicle stand in NYC, which led to a critic approved book released earlier this month.

People's Pops gives the basic rundown on what is needed to make a spectacular popsicle.  I love that they encourage local produce (speaking of which, the Coolidge Corner Farmer's Market is soon to begin!) and to create your own flavors.  The recipes here are all guidelines, so no exact measuring is necessary.  If desired, you could make all of your pops sugar free, or vegan, or specifically make your kind of flavors (isn't there always that one flavor in the store bought box that no one likes?)

It may take a few goes to find perfection, but it will be well worth it.  Great tips are also included, such as, how to keep your pops from getting freezer burned, and that the sweetness taste is dulled when frozen so the mixture must be made extra sweet.  Also, this is a great way to use up extra herbs that would otherwise go to waste.  Herbs, you say?  Yes!  There are your traditional flavors, and then there are very unique flavors such as canteloupe and tarragon, pumpkin pie, and rhubarb and jasmine.


We also sell popsicle molds here!

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