Sunday, June 3, 2012

More than a Guide Book

I'd already heard the  story of how Charles de Gaulle left France during an uprising and told his country to shape up (and they did) a few times from my boyfriend's father, who lived in France at the time. But I'd never heard the slogan of that student revolution "La Beaute est dans la Rue," or understood just what the riots of 1968 were about until I read John Baxter's contribution to the Museyon Guide series, Chronicles of Old Paris , a guidebook that allows the reader to travel not only through the streets of Paris, but through time.

Each of the twenty-nine chapters focuses on a specific person, invention, trend, or revolution (militaristic or artistic) that contributed to the development of the city of light we know and love and long to travel to today. And if you do travel there, a map to each significant site is included at the end of each segment.

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