Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey Daddy-O!

Father's Day is nigh, and to celebrate, here are a few famous dad-and-son literary duos:

Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers. Walter Dean Myers has written hundreds of books for young adults and his artist son has made a plethora of his own picture books in a bold style. Christopher even does his own version of Carroll's Jabberwocky that is super cool.

Ernest Hemingway and Mariel Hemingway. Granddaughter of Papa Hemingway herself Mariel has written a few books, mostly memoirs and health books. Though she is mostly an actress and activist, but we can get behind that.

Kingsley Amis and Martin Amis. Martin grew up under the tutelage of a literary heavyweight, and has made his own unique name for himself. Apparently Kingsley hasn't always been too impressed by his son's novels, though, complaining once:  "I can point out the exact place where he stopped and sent Money twirling through the air; that's where the character named Martin Amis comes in...Breaking the rules, buggering about with the reader, drawing attention to himself." Maybe Martin forgot to take out the trash that day?

Leo Dillon and Lee Dillon. Unfortunately, Leo Dillon, the gentlemanly half of married artist duo Leo and Diane Dillon passed away recently, but the artists did collaborate with their son Lee, an accomplished photographer. Pish Posh, Hieronymous Bosch features Bosch-style framed paintings by the couple photographed by their son.

Stephen King and Joe Hill. The son of horror legend King has written a couple of moody, atmospheric novels with dark twists. He did so, too, without outing himself as King's son and earning critical acclaim before a reviewer caught on.

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