Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Reads

With these temperatures soaring and schools letting out for the summer, you can't deny it is summer.  All of our summer reading books for the Brookline schools are up.  We have them all seperated by grade and category for easy browsing and quick-pick-ups.

Of course we have many other books to select from for the long summer ahead.  If you are looking for an easy going middle grade series for a young girl, I highly recommend Ann Martin's Main Street series.  Flora, age 11, and Ruby, age 8, have recently moved to their grandmother's house in a fictional Massachussetts town by the name of Camden Falls.  Throughout the series the girls learn to adjust to small town life, new friends, new school, new experiences, and life without their parents.  Even though it is realistic fiction, heavy subject matter is kept very low key.  Start the first book here!

You don't necessarily need hard core subject matter books that make you think about humanity and other life changing inspirations and catastrophes for a good read.  It's nice to have a break from all that once in a while -- especially on vacation.

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